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is the online magazine – regularly releasing articles/contributions from the biggest violence related periodicals – RAPE Magazine, Killer’s BIZAAR, HELL, The Rubbish Magazine, FAKE Magazine, Agony Mag, What’s The F*ck, DESTROY – VTV Magazine

Merve Ekiz Kaya
Violence for Children

Merve Ekiz Kaya (Turkey) – Violence on Children focuses on” No form of violence is appropriate for children” and cannot be ignored.

Cat Del Buono
How to Not Get Raped

How to Not Get Raped – a satirical video was inspired by advice posted on college websites that tell women how to avoid being raped. It speaks to the absurdity of placing responsibility and blame on the victim.

Werther Germondari
Photo Session

Photo Session – performance video realized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2021, reversing the most classic situation of a photo session, that is ‘naked model – dressed photographer’

Arzu Ozkal Telhan
Murdered Brides

Murdered Brides is a video about the killings of honor. Luce Irigaray states the Eastern family often thinks the daughter is temporary, has never really belonged to the family from the beginning considering she will be given to another family when comes the age of marriage. Girl’s virginity is an exchange value between families. Before the wedding mother wraps a red ribbon around bride’s waist, to show everyone that her daughter is un-touched. Girl is like an object, a neatly wrapped gift given to the other family. If the husband finds out the newly-wife was not a virgin, family members (parents, brothers, or sisters) kill the girl in order to remove the stain and protect the honor of the family.

Molyka Bin
It Burned Me

It Burned Me
Is a short video documentary about a case of an acid attack in Cambodia. It features a real life case of Thong Kham, a lady who became an accidental victim of an acid attack. The documentary tell the story how this acid incident changed her life or the worse as it affected her living and made her life a never ending struggle.


Eija Temisevä
Feelings of War

Eija Temisevä – Feelings of War, 2022, 3,47 min
This is a symbolic video art performance of feelings of war.


Fakes of War

# Adidas Slut Society
Rubbish of War


Carla Della Beffa
Hell's Firewall


Oksana Chepelyl
Ukrainian Golgotha

Begüm Aylin ÖNDER
Stand with Peace


Hernando Urrutia
Look at You with Violence


Climate Change
Destruction of Planet Earth

Net Violence
The Global Surveillance

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